Listings Information Key

Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Price
    The monthly cost of a listed package, usually +vat.

  • Setup Cost
    The one-off setup cost incurred when first buying a package, usually +vat.

  • Webspace
    The total amount of hard disk storage space allocated by a hosting provider, measured in rounded Gigabytes' (GB). Some hosts will also offer two hard disks in a RAID array for improved performance and backup purposes.

  • Bandwidth
    The maximum amount of data a hosting provider will allow you to transfer per month, measured in Gigabytes' (GB). Some may also offer unrestricted (unlimited) usage, though this may be limited in other ways (check for usage policies).

  • Contract
    The length of time you commit to stay with a hosting provider, exiting before the end of which may incur a financial penalty. Where possible, we base our listed packages off monthly contracts.

  • Server Memory
    The amount of RAM system memory guaranteed for your server.

  • CPU
    The Central Processing Unit is the heart of any server, with faster ones being better (Gigahertz [Ghz] is not a good measure of speed, look for dual or quad core CPU's too).

  • No. IP's
    This represents the number of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses your server includes for assigning to different domains etc.

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